The Montville Jewellery Studio

We offer a full range of services, designing commissions, re-makes, repairs or simply good, experienced advice and a clean and polish!


Your design or create something new?
At The Montville Jewellery Studio you can have gorgeous wedding and engagement rings hand made by designer jeweller, Andrew James.

There is a reason the Royal Family has their jewellery hand made!
Hand made jewellery is built to last more than just one lifetime. It's strong and built to last for generations. Become a quality ancestor!

With over 30 years experience Andrew has worked for some of the best jewellery companies in the world including Hardy Brothers, Harrods and Jewellery International Magazine as a Journalist for the jewellery trade.




Make each other’s wedding rings at the Montville Jewellery Studio!

Enjoy the unique experience and bragging rights for eternity that you made each other’s wedding rings at The Montville Jewellery Studio.

Under the expert guidance of our Jeweller, Andrew James, enjoy the romance of designing and making your own wedding rings in one day!

That's right! With exclusive access to the Montville Studio and your own personal jeweller/instructor, you can now make your own wedding rings in one day!

The package includes:

  • Exclusive access to the studio for the day
  • Professional guidance by Andrew our jeweller
  • A free design session before your day in the studio
  • Free annual cleaning and polishing of your rings
  • Great photos of your day to add to your wedding album

Andrew has thirty years experience with companies like Hardy Brothers, Harrods, Theo Fennell and Jewellery International Magazine.

Book early to avoid disappointment as studio days are limited

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